The New Birth of a Church

Anglican Church-Diocese of Recife

On this Saturday March 12th, 2016, at The Church of The Holy bSpirit with a large number of its leadership clergy and laity was born legally the Anglican Church – Diocese of Recife. But, one might ask, This Church does not exist already since 30 years ago? Well there will need some explanation.

This diocese was born by an act of courage and expanding vision of a bishop named Edmund Knox Sherrill, who with his wife Beth Sherrill left his Diocese in Rio de Janeiro and came to Recife to plant this new church. It prospered and drew the attention of the evangelical church in Brazil and some parts of the world.

It was part of the then Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil (IEAB). However, this institution followed increasingly the direction of a liberal and revisionist theology that moved away from the Holy Scriptures preaching another gospel. The Lambeth Conference of the Anglican Communion in 1988 rejected the liberal theology regarding to human sexuality. The then Bishop of the Diocese of Recife Robinson Cavalcanti, was the only Bishop of the IEAB to support the Lambeth resolution 1:10 that considered homosexual practice as incompatible with Scripture while condemning homophobia. There, it was clear that the Diocese of Recife clashed in very posture IEAB, not only in this respect, but also in many other aspects of sound biblical doctrine.

In 2005 the IEAB deposed Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti and the Diocese of Recife in the overwhelming majority of the clergy and people stood beside the Bishop “deposed” generating a Evangelical and Conservative Diocese. The clergy received supervision and license from Greg Venables Archbishop of the Anglican Church in South America. Since then this diocese grew and expands. With the tragic death of Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti, was elected Bishop Miguel Uchoa, an evangelical/charismatic that since 2012 leads the Anglican Church-Diocese of Recife.

The Anglican Church, Diocese of Recife is part of The GAFCON / FCA movement that holds more than 80% of the membership of the Anglican Communion and a large number of their 43 affiliated churches (provinces).

After the episodes of 2005, the IEAB sued the Anglican Church – Recife Diocese requiring the possession of its assets, legal registration and other demands. In 2015 the court decided in favor of the IEAB and how it should be, the Anglican Church – Diocese of Recife fulfilled this decision meeting the demands of the process and so came to no longer have its legal registration.

In an official declaration, Bishop Miguel Uchoa mention that it was the end of a era of oppression charge and litigation stating that ‘definitely the ties that bound us to that institution, no longer exist ” we are free and we will follow our path together with the Anglican Communion that is rejecting the liberal theology agenda and reaffirming the values ​​and the apostolic doctrine.

So on Saturday 12 March 2016, it happened the Assembly of legal foundation of the Anglican Church – Diocese of Recife. Following the parameters of Brazilian law, within the sound biblical doctrine and thus fulfilling God’s call.

During the Service of foundation Bishop Miguel Uchoa preached a message on 2 Tm 1:7  For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

The Anglican Church, Diocese of Recife REborn with 63 pastors (as) and more than 40 congregations, including the largest Anglican church in Latin America and one of the largest in the Americas. With partners and expansion work, it is marked by the vision of a holistic mission.

So we can say that it was not the birth of a church, but his new birth.


To God be all Glory


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